Our IALC 2019 Mexico Roadshow is now fully booked and we can no longer accept applications for this event. If you have a specific query about our Mexico Roadshow please contact info@ialc.org.


Who you’ll meet

Meet the owners and decision makers from 16 world-leading language schools attending the IALC Colombia Roadshow 2019 in Bogota.

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You’ll meet with high quality, IALC-accredited language centres from across the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Canada, the USA and Australia.

Register for the IALC Colombia Roadshow, the perfect opportunity to grow your business by working with the best in the industry!

Attending Schools
GLS Campus Berlin Berlin & Munich German in Germany
BELS Gozo & Malta Gozo & St Pauls Bay English in Malta
English in Margate Margate English in the UK
alpha.b Institut Linguistique Nice French in France
Lyon Bleu International Lyon French in France
ActiLingua Academy Vienna German in Austria
KAPITO Münster German in Germany
International Language Institute of Massachusetts Massachusetts English in the USA
I.L.A. (Institut Linguistique Adenet) Montpellier French in France
DILIT Rome Rome Italian in Italy
BWS Germanlingua BWS Germanlingua German in Germany
French in Normandy Rouen French in France
ACCADEMIA ITALIANA Salerno Italian in Italy
anglo-german institute Stuttgart German in Germany
CES Dublin, Edinburgh, Toronto, Harrogate, Leeds, London, Oxford & Worthing English in the UK, Ireland & Canada
Cairns College of English & Business Cairns English in Australia